Voicemail not being sent out

Hello All,

I am running the latest of everything ( no updates available ).
Apparently a few days ago voicemail messages were no longer being delivered to users. I checked postfix and it’s working fine.
I looked at rasterisk to see if I can spot something as well as the /var/log/asterisk/full and I see nothing in respect to some external call for email etc.
maillog has no attempts failed or otherwise so it sounds like asterisk is not initiating the process.

I have restarted asterisk ( not the physical server, but that was restarted a couple of days ago ).

Not sure the best way to trouble shoot from here.

Any help appreciated!

Try sending an email from the command line. Post the output of the maillog.

Standard command line email ( sendmail command ) works perfectly.
The voice mail system never makes it to sendmail at all. No failures etc.
Very mail knowledgeable, I run several postfix servers.

Do you have Email Attachment checked for the extension?

Yes, this has been working for months and suddenly stopped working.

I too have the latest distro up to date.
No VM’s are e-mailed. For what it’s worth, Recorded calls (created by *1) never show up in the users VM box either, much less get e-mailed out.


The distro is on version FreePBX and asterisk should be on the distro.

Are you sure your running the distro and not a prior release?

I haven’t seen that type of behavior with the *extension function, your regular no answer voice mails are working?

We have a beta version of the distro that’s been available to the community to test that runs FreePBX 2.10 and Asterisk 1.8.6.

Have you checked your mail logs to see if there was a reason postfix wasn’t delivering the mail? Or, if it was being delivered by postfix, have you check the logs and spam folders of the relay server that is receiving the email?