Voicemail Not Accessible

I have a trixbox v2.6.1 installation, and have set voicemail to be delivered as an email attachment, but am having a problem with the email link not appearing in my email and my messages do not appear to have been recorded by the system. (I.e. they are not visible when I visit http://mydomain/recordings/index.php.

I have checked my vm_email.inc file and it looks correct:

; Change the email body, variables: VM_NAME, VM_DUR, VM_MSGNUM, VM_MAILBOX, VM_$

emailbody=${VM_NAME},\n\nThere is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:\n\n$
http://mydomain/recordings/index.php to check your voicemail with a web brows$

I do receive emails after I leave a message, but when I visit the mailbox via *98 or by the http interface, there is nothing there. So I wonder if anyone has ideas on what might be causing this issue.


you are using trixbox 2.6.x so who knows. They have “forked” FreePBX making changes that we know nothing about.

Check that the voicemail.conf file has the includes for the pair of vm_*.inc files.

To see what it should look like please visit: http://freepbx.org/configuration_files and check out what voicemail.conf should contain.

You getting any errors? you have provided almost no real information to go on. Have you reviewed a call trace to see if any errors are being displayed?