"Voicemail" no longer listed in destinations

Today I went to make some adjustments to a Ring Group and Announcement. When I went to select Voicemail from the Destinations list it was missing. The list as 18 entries, but the last one is Users, not Voicemail.

I compared all the installed modules against the other FreePBX installs I managed and they all seem to be the same. I also compared the VoiceMail Admin settings.

I’ve checked this page …
… and we certainly have the Voicemail module installed.

I did update to this version of the FreePBX distro yesterday
and have upgraded all FreePBX modules we are using on this and my other systems that do not have the problem.

I’ve looked in the freepbx.log and the only error I see is this message:
[2013-Aug-10 11:04:52] [ERROR] (bin/retrieve_conf:632) - [NOTIFICATION]-[retrieve_conf]-[BADDEST] - There are 1 bad destinations

Any ideas?

Thank you - Richard

I have a recently built 4.211.64-5 system and voicemail is missing from Ring Groups. It is also missing on Call Flow Control and Inbound Routes.

I did a bit of testing and the voice mail option does not appear until you have at least 1 extension setup with voice mail.

That was exactly the issue! Somehow voicemail was disabled for the extension - I now it was working last week.
Anyway, thanks again!