Voicemail no longer a destination?

We upgraded from freePBX12 to freePBX 13.0.54 and it seems “Voicemail” is no longer an option “no answer” destination for a ring group or an option for an IVR selection? Is this a bug? If not, what is the intended work-around?

Still works like it always has. Do you have the Voicemail module installed?

Yes, In Module Admin -> Settings group, Voicemail module 13.021 is installed and enabled.
The commercial Voicemail Reports and Voicemail Notify are disabled.

However, I just noticed that in Settings->Voicemail->Usage my 5217 voicemail boxes are disabled and activated=0 and unactivated=0

I restored voicemail.conf and now the are enabled and voicemail has reappeared as an option. :smiley:

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