Voicemail MWI to certain registred device

I am quite new to freepbx. I have an issue with mwi on voicemail. The point is, we have voicemail enabled for extensions, we also get email notified on new messages. All works fine, but I have an issue, we allow max. 3 contacts, in order to allow to register with a hardware phone (Unify OpenStage40) and eventually a softphone. Now I am using a softphone in parallel to my openstage which does not have an option to not register for mwi (like e.g. pohnerlite has). And if this softphone is last one registered to freepbx server (which usually is the case), my mwi message (label on the hardware phone lcd and led blinking, does not work. I am pretty sure it is because my softphone was last which registred and freepbx sends mwi to that one instead.
Is there any chance to set mwi for a certain device in freepbx? Is eventually the field VM Context on Extension/Voicemail the right place? ANd if yes, what can I set there instead of default?

kind regards,
Dieter Tontsch

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