Voicemail module help please

Hello All,

A while back the server my asterisk-1.8.2 and freepbx-2.8.10 install resides on was hacked. Yes I mistakenly left ssh running while remoted in and forgot to shut down ssh.My Bad.
Anyway all of the index.html files were re-written.

All features of freepbx i have working as expected other than when I add a new extension the voicemail section,nothing ever gets saved.After click on apply ,there are no errors,but the voicemail setting in the gui are always blank.
The voicemails are still being sent out to already existing users as expected.
Can anyone shed some light on what index.html is jacked up,possibly.

I have this install setup with a few google voice numbers and dont want to hose the config with a new/fresh install of freepbx.

There is an index.html located at /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default that is shot I know,but I dont think this file is even being used.Possibly from a previous version of freepbx that was updated? I dont know how to retreive/install/compile this file ?

I do have backups,from many days back but after looking all the backup does is save users specific information I have noticed.

Thank You,

Personally I wouldn’t trust a system that has been hacked. No way to know its clean.