Voicemail messages disappearing

I’m testing out a couple of Sangoma 500 phones on FreePBX and am having some issues getting the Voicemail feature working.

I’m dialling into my test extension and letting it ring through to voicemail. I get the voicemail prompt and leave a message.

At this point I was expecting to get the Message waiting icon at the top of the phone display but I don’t.

I’ve gone into the voicemail box but it tells me I have no messages, the voicemail message seems to have disappeared completely.

Can anyone give me an idea on how to troubleshoot this ?

There is a version of asterisk out there V13.something with a VM bug in it. Updating to 13.14 cured this for me. If you go into the logs you’ll see the VM being deleted because it is 0s even though the message left is certainly over the minimum vm length

asterisk-version-switch from the command line should help start the process

Checked the logs and yes the message was being deleted as the system thought it was less than 5 seconds.

Upgraded from Asterisk v13.9.1 to v13.14.0 as suggested but it hasn’t fixed the issue for me.

I tried some test messages and a message length of c. 15 seconds is being deleted as the log file is reporting it as being 4 seconds. I have to leave a message of c. 20 seconds for it the server to think it is over 5 seconds and so saves it.

Even when a message is left I don’t get the Message Waiting icon on the Sangoma S500 phone though i can press the voicemail button and retrieve the message.

Can youthink of anything else I can try to resolve this ?