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I have phones with multiple SIP accounts for different extensions. One for personal calls, one for a Reception Group and another for a different Reception Group. Since the voicemail indicator can only be set for one account when a voicemail comes in, can someone remind me where that setting is… i have a couple phones that are lighting up for the wrong Voicemail. Im looking n the Extension section and nothing really smacks me in the face on what should be set. thanks.

EDit: more info. The VM Box for RECEPTION is 99 and VMis ENABLED. WHere is the setting that directs THAT extension to light on each phone? thanks.

In the extension’s advanced settings you can set which voicemail box to monitor, there is a ‘hover over help’ It will then SUBSCRIBE to NOTIFICATIONS sent by that VMbox , you can set one or more buttons to SUBSCRIBE to other voicemail NOTIFIES but that is phone specific as to what the light does and what happens when you press it.

I’m not seeing a MONITOR section. Is this the page you’re referring to? This is so strange because this has been working great for like 3 years and nobody has touched it and as of 2 weeks ago, 2 phones are not working right.

You will need to enable and override readonly settings in the advanced settings (they are masked for good reason :wink: )

Im not seeing this READONLY setting either :disappointed:

ok clarification from the customer… when the RECEPTION voicemail comes in, a BLF indicator used to come on NOT the envelope. the Envelope comes on only for Personal voicemails. SO, it seems this is now only working on 2 of the 4 phones in this group, All 4 phones have the same config template.

this is the template for the Reception Phone Group. This indicates that Key 5 should light up if Voicemail goes to the Reception group. It works on 2 phones but not the others - is what they are telling me.

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