Voicemail keeps asking to change password (like first time user)

Hi there,
I do have a FreePBX set up with a few users and I am encountering an annoying bug.

The voicemail keeps looping thru the “new user” routines…

It keeps asking me to choose a new password although I set one everytime.

Here are the prompts that it is playing.

– <SIP/2010-00000637> Playing ‘vm-password.alaw’ (language ‘fr’)
– <SIP/2010-00000637> Playing ‘vm-newuser.alaw’ (language ‘fr’)
– <SIP/2010-00000637> Playing ‘vm-newpassword.alaw’ (language ‘fr’)
– <SIP/2010-00000637> Playing ‘vm-reenterpassword.alaw’ (language ‘fr’)
– <SIP/2010-00000637> Playing ‘vm-passchanged.alaw’ (language ‘fr’)

I suspect it can be a rights issue somewhere, but I cannot foind where.

Your help will be much appreciated.
Many thanks,

Don’t use the password the same as the extension?

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Arf, I do set password = extension…
Is it how it spots new users ? (Or users with low security standards :wink:

Ok, I’ll try a different password tomorrow. Many thanks anyway.