Voicemail just plays silence?

Hi all,

We’re running the latest FreePBX Distro with all modules up to date and decided to enable voicemail on the extensions. Unfortunately nothing is played and there is only silence on the line. DND or timeout, same result.

The individual extension has not setup their voicemail, but I expected some default to be played…

Any ideas?

I don’t even see it Playing anything like some other tickets I’ve found on here…:

See full log on patebin: http://pastebin.com/VJufvn5Q

Edit: There is no audio either when dailing *97? I

Solved: Having the G.722 codec enabled caused no audio. It is the first on the list from the phone, but the 3rd on the list in Asterisk SIP Settings and enabled (now not even checked). Not sure why there was no audio still, as I’d like to move to G.722 internally anyways.