Voicemail issues

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I am runbning a small freepbx for a dormitory. The students only have standard landline phones running thru a qxw-4248. All seems to be working fine. Trying to teach the students how to use voicemail, in my office it works fine(with an aastra 6731 phone)*98 extension password
on their land line phones get an error incorrect password. I was thinking that the tone may not be long enough for the system to register but
. it is getting the *98(or 999 or dialing a number)
not sure what else the difference would be between a system phone and a landline

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Yosef Guttman


enable dtmf logging

(Jared Busch) #3

ELI5 for future googlers.

Do steps 3/4 twice.


You haven’t provided enough information, but I can think of two areas where I would look first:

  1. Check your dialplan on the FXS interface and make sure that it allows *98extension. That shouldn’t make a difference based upon what you wrote, but it’s possible that you’ve misinterpreted what they told you, so it’s worth a look.

  2. Check the TX gain and RX gain settings on the FXS interface. Sometimes, DTMF overdeviates and the distortion will cause the system not to decode the tones correctly.