Voicemail Issues and Errors

I recently upgraded to Freepbx 13, and Pbx firmware is PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-10
PBX Service Pack:

When i dial an extension internally 3 digits I get sent to voicemail and get the message and can record. When I dial externally and use follow me system goes to follow but when it comes back it does not get to voicemail extension and records nothing. Goes to limbo and nothing is heard. I tried to update or make a change to the extension and when I submit I get the following error.

copy(/tftpboot/config_bkup/contacts/000000000000-directory.xml.1459266638): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

It seems that when my follow me number is called, I am not hearing anything being answered. So maybe something may be wrong with sound which is why I am not hearing any voicemail greetings. not on the forwarded extension or my internal. It also is not explaining why I am now getting the errors when making a change to that extension. Never happened before.

Please advise as I need to get follow me and voicemail with emailing running again.



@duncanidaho As far as the error you are getting. Have you confirmed that file exists?

As for the call, it would be more helpful if there was a debug of the call to see what happens during the call.

cd /tftpboot/config_bkup/
mkdir contacts
chown asterisk:asterisk contacts/