"Voicemail is not enabled for this extension" when trying to record greeting

FreePBX version 10.13.66-22
Extension has voicemail enabled and it works just fine. When the user tries to record any greeting the phone displays the message “Voicemail is not enabled for this extension”.

Things I’ve tried:
Rebuilt the extension from scratch
Re provisioned the Aastra phone
Swapped with another phone
Rebuilt the configuration file and voicemail box on the server
Checked settings in User Management

I’m out of ideas.

How is the user trying to set the greeting? Are you saying that they can get into the voicemail without issue but when they go to the Admin menu to change their options, such as recording a greeting, the phone then displays this information?

What happens when the phone displays this information? Is the call disconnected? Does the call connect at all?

All incoming and outgoing calls work fine. I can even call the extension and leave a voicemail and everything works. When the user presses the voicemail button (xml-api) it opens the menu like it should. She can delete voicemails and whatnot. But when she presses the button for any of the greetings the phone displays the message “Voicemail is not enabled for this extension”

What happens when they dial *97 and follow the menu prompts in the voicemail system? Do they still have this issue? Because this isn’t sounding like a voicemail issue, this is sounding like the phone isn’t configured right.

Voicemail must first “initialized” before the VM Phone App will work. Have the user dial *97 and after that the VM app should work.

We have over 35 FreePBX deployements and we’ve never had to dial *97 before on any of the 300+ extensions. I will have the user try and then I’ll report back. It may be a bit before she is available.

Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll let you know if *97 works.

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