VoiceMail indicator stays on after deleting messages

I’m working with my first IP phone system, so ya… I’m a noob. An associate of mine helped with the install, but he’s not always available to help with questions so I thought I should start to learn this on my own.

We’re Running FreePBX 13.0.74 with 8 Cisco 8945 phones. Asterisk Version: 11.22.0
The only issue that concerns me is, after listening to and deleting the voicemails, the red indicator on the phones stays on, until I dial 390, then it goes out right away.

Now, what if researched so far says to make sure MWI polling freq is set. Mine is set to 10.
Other then that, that’s the only suggestion I found so far.

Appreciate any help on this problem.

P.S. Found this on the router. This is what dialing 390 does…
ephone-dn 30
number 390
description MWI off
mwi off
ephone-dn 31
number 391
description MWI on
mwi on

What do you mean you found those settings on your router. That is nothing to do with asterisk or FreePBX. Are you sure you are using FreePBX pgone system.

Hi Tony…
I was trying to figure out how dialing 390 on the phones resets the Voicemail waiting indicator. So, I browsed thru my FreePBX GUI and didn’t see any extensions setup for 390, But on our Cisco 2900 router I found the settings I posted.

The extent of my usage here with FreePBX is setting only the phones I want to ring when a outside call comes in, or shutting of the message info envelope.