Voicemail indicator did not work

Good morning community , I write requesting support in a problem that I have with Voicemail.

When leaving a voice message

– The led indicator of the phone does not show that there is a mailbox.
– Something I noticed, is that until I do a reload in the asterisk cli, or another setting in the GUI and reload rules, the notification is launched and the phone starts blinking.

When you delete the voice message
– Entered with * 97 to voicemail, deleted the mailbox and left, the led does not stop blinking. same case above, do a reload, the notification is sent.

I notice that the LED starts notifying the mailbox after several minutes. (approximately 10-20)

I did tests with:
– Grandstream 2160
– Huawei 7910
– Grandstream 1450

It could be related to MWI subscription. If you are currently not using it, try turning it on. Or the other way round.

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