Voicemail in asterisk

Dear Team,

How to set the mobile number,extension,and the time as Voice mail name.

Not enough info.

Where, and why?

The calls are forwarding to voice mail …

and the voice Mail should display with phone number and time called.
how can display that?

Voicemail is audio.

Whem you set VM up, there are a series of settings that you can apply the configuration, including playing back all of this information.

Where, specifically, are you expecting it to “display” this information.

You need to tell us what you are trying to do - right now, you are not giving anyone enough information to be able to help you in a reasonable way.

The easiest way to set voicemail in Asterisk as an audio is to use the script which remove sender name,sender number, message number etc. and inserts them as tags into the mp3 file. You can visit, Ecosmob Technologies’ VoIP services for getting proper and quick solution to your problem.