Voicemail Hints do not change

new install of Freepbx Distro 2.12. The voicemail hints are created but never change with new messages. We checked the Settings/Advanced settings VoiceMail Module settings and they are correct. All the other BLF lights work fine.

Any ideas???

What Distro Version are you using? What version of Asterisk are you on?

PBX Firmware: 4.211.64-1
Asterisk (Ver.

You need to upgrade to a supported track of 6.12.65 as outlined here. http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FD/Updating+FreePBX+Official+Distro

If I purchase System Admin Pro, can I use that to get upgraded, rather than going through the CLI?

nevermind figured it out


I used Sys Admin Pro to bring the system up to date. All the modules are up to date as of this am. Asterisk I have been doing some testing. the system is in another state so I connected a Yealink T26 to it remotely, the same phone they are using. Here is what I have ascertained:

I created a new extension with voicemailbox. I recorded my unavail greeting, name and changed the password. The Voicemail Admin shows the mailbox as (default)(unactivated). I setup a voicemail to email in extension settings. The voicemail is enabled.

When I leave a message in the mailbox I get the email and the message attachment. the message is fine.

I did a capture of a call to a voicemail box and used wire shark to look at it. The extension number is 800 and the voicemail feature coed is 923. Here is what I found:

I noticed that it sent the Notify twice when a similar call on a system that is working properly sent the notify 8 times.

In the voicemail admin there are no statistics at all. There are no mention of the messages left at all. Where does the notification originate from?

Thanks for any help the end users are getting restless.

Well, for what it was worth, actually not much I used amportal to uninstall voicemail and reinstall it. Didn’t do anything to fix the issue.