Voicemail Hangup

I have two users for whom, when listening to voicemail on their handsets, once the message has finished playing, the user is disconnected from voicemail (hung up). This only happens when using the on-screen menu (Aastra Phones) and only when the handset is off hook. When dialing *98 to get to voicemail, these symptoms do not exist. Thanks!

Have them try dialing *97 and does it happen then? The onscreen menu system is something from Aastra and not a part of FreePBX.

Which specific model is doing this?

It’s a 57i phone, and *97 works fine. I inherited this phone system, so I’m a newbie. Thanks!

Then I’m 98% sure it’s something with the menu system and not FreePBX. As that’s all it should be doing is dialing *97.

Make sure you have the latest scripts+firmware… check out this thread: