Voicemail hangup blank message

When an outside calls goes to voicemail and the user hangs up, I get a blank message. Is there something that I can change to stop this? I have a SIP trunk feeding this, but it also happens on the analog lines.



there is a line


This sets the minimum length of a voicemail which asterisk considers a message.

It becomes a problem when a person waits a couple of seconds after hearing the VM prompts and then hangs up. This entire sequence can take 3 seconds, asterisk considers this a valid voicemail, but what you may get is a couple of seconds of silence followed by the sound of a phone hanging.

You could change minmessage to 4 or even higher and pretty much eliminate false emails. problem is that suppose someone leaves a short message:

" Bill this is the boss call me now!"

That message is only about 3 seconds long. If you set the minmessage to 4 or 5, it would never be recorded…and the boss might be more than a little PO’s that the call was not returned.


Three seconds is about as long as I’d like the minimum message to be.


Thanks, sure appreciate the help. The file already has 3 in there, so I will mess with it a little and see what happens. Thanks again!