Voicemail Greeting Different Time Conditions

Is it possible for an extension to have a different Voicemail Greeting depending on the time conditions? eg Night/Day.

My setup -

During opening hours all trunks go to ring group 600 (401/402/403/404/405) if nobody answers the call then ends up at the Voicemail of 401 and plays “sorry we are unavailable to take your call, please leave a message”

During closing hours all trunks go straight to the Voicemail of 401 and play the same unavailable message. What I would like to happen is a different greeting is played saying “sorry we are closed, please leave a message”

Thanks for any help.

Rather than having the call go to VM and play the unavailable greeting instead send it to an announcement and then to VM but tell it no to play any greeting. So during day play the open announcement then to VM and at night play the night greeting and then to VM.

Thanks, I will try that, sounds like it would work great.

One question - How do I tell the VM not to play a greeting? Or would I just record a blank greeting for that VM?

Ignore the question above, I’ve just noticed the (no-msg) option.