Voicemail from DID not recording (Internal VM works fine)

Hello! I’ve recently installed FreePBX and have all but one portion working as needed.

We have extensions 200-212 setup in our church office.

We have a trunk setup from SipStation and can call inbound and outbound fine.

We are able to leave voicemails that record from extension to extension dialing, but when an incoming call from our DID accesses an extension (our IVR is setup), if not answered, the extension’s voicemail picks up fine and seems to be working , but the voicemail message does not save any audio from the message and saves a 0:00 time length voicemail message with no content.

I’ve searched the forums, made sure my ports are forwarded correctly and such, but am having no luck.

Thanks for any help!


I am having the same problem. Did you find any solution for this?


What version of FreePBX are you using?
What version of Asterisk are you using?

I had this problem, but with analog trunks. I don’t know if it is possible to have the same issue with SIP trunks, but I include a description in case it helps. In my case it was caused by the default setting of the voice mail “silencethreshold”.

My system had the voice mail admin module installed, when I went to to Voicemail Admin, Settings, there was a number in the “silencethreshold” field that was high (going from memory I think it was 128) which I lowered way down to 1. It solved the problem for me.

Hi All,
Can you show me your setup, so that your message is saved and when you listen from *97, it says you have a message. My Freepbx 2.4 doesn’t saved the messaged eventhought it said saved, and when i dial *97, it says you have no messages

THanks in advance,


Please see my respons to another one of your posts regarding upgrading to a more current version of FreePBX.