Voicemail -> email

Voicemail works, config has email address, server never sends.

5551000 => 5551000,Alpine VM,[email protected],attach=yes|saycid=no|envelope=no|delete=no

CLI never shows email address variable or other commands.

Any ideas?
James Taylor

go look at the email log
/var/log/maillog and see what it says

Do u have webmin installed, you can use webmin and go into the sendmail configure screen and go to user mail boxes open a mail box and send email out do you get ???if change the outbound sending email to the same as the email you are sending to did it go?

Does you provider use SMTP?
do you have box to relay thru??
Chances are good that you can send because you and rejected, unless you set your box up like a real server you will have issues (DNS / RDNS)