Voicemail email with speech to txt

At one time my voicemails would come along with a txt transcript of the VM using IBM voice to txt. I think they did away with that so not working anymore. Is there any option to have a voice to txt in the vm emails freepbx sends?

You can set

externnotify = /some/script

in your advanced voicemail setup. The arguments to your script will be

context, extension, new voicemails, old voicemail, urgent voicemails.

so in


will be msg0+0.txt which is the meta-data of the latest (presumably this) message that you can use to parse the otherwise set of ‘audio’ file(s) msg0+0.* .

you can transcribe with whatever STT engine you care to implement and this is basically what all the recipes of flavor google/amazon/microsoft/. . . do.

Here is one way:


Thank you. Took me about 20 mins but got it done and working great. :slight_smile:

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