Voicemail email template

I’m having an issue where the voicemail email notification being sent is not what is set in Settings > Voicemail Admin. Customers are receiving the email based on the below template located in

$emailInfo = array(
    "normal" => array(
    "body" => !empty($vm['general']['emailbody']) ? $vm['general']['emailbody'] : 'Dear ${VM_NAME}:\n\n\tjust wanted to let you know you were just left a ${VM_DUR} long message (number ${VM_MSGNUM})\nin mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX} from ${VM_CALLERID}, on ${VM_DATE}, so you might\nwant to check it when you get a chance.  Thanks!\n\n\t\t\t\t--Asterisk\n',
    "subject" => !empty($vm['general']['emailsubject']) ? $vm['general']['emailsubject'] : ((isset($vm['general']['pbxskip']) && $vm['general']['pbxskip'] == "no") ? "[PBX]: " : "").'New message ${VM_MSGNUM} in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}',
    "fromstring" => !empty($vm['general']['fromstring']) ? $vm['general']['fromstring'] : 'The Asterisk PBX'

Instead of this template that I have set in voicemail admin settings


There is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:

	Length:	${VM_DUR} seconds
	Date:	${VM_DATE}

Dial *97 to access your voicemail by phone.

Any ideas how to get it to use the template specified in Voicemail Admin settings?

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