Voicemail email notification - Email Body per extension

For voicemail email notifications, is there any method to have individual and different Email Body text content (emailbody) per extension ?
I see that default behavior for all voicemail accounts is configurable via: Voicemail Admin>Email Config .
I am unable to find any solution, so thanks for any suggestions that will assist.

Not easily, Comedian mail is kind of monolithic and not open to that sort of customization without recompiling it to suit.

What are you trying to do?

I need to provide varied content of the voicemail-emails for different extensions.

Why do you want to do that? provide tentative examples . . .

Voicemail emails for different inbound DIDs go through to one email and it is then onforwarded to the correct individual. It saves us having to listen to a message to confirm to whom it should be directed.

You might consider using minivm for this.


It is perhaps a better fit .

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What is your definition of “varied”? I am sorry but I am not quite sure what you mean…

Do you want to add the DID called or the name associated to that voice mail (which is available by using the VM_NAME variable in the message body and already shown) to the email so that you know who to forward those emails to?

Euh, why do you do that??? Why depend on one person to dispatch those emails to the appropriate person?

Why don’t you send those DIDs to different extensions each having a different email for voicemail?

If what you want to do is dispatch those voice mails per DID to the appropriate person that would achieve what you want without needing to have someone manually forward them to the appropriate person.

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Thanks very much Dicko.