Voicemail Email customization with an image?

I would like to customize the voicemail Email that comes through. I would like it to have the company logo and change it around some. I have read on which files to reconfigure but I’m not sure if it will handle/send HTML formatting. Also where would be the best place to put the image so that it gets included?


how did you make it work? I tried all steps I found over the internet but could get the voicemail email out of my server. It gives me errors related to localdomain.
Sorry this isn’t the answer to your question.


Way to hijack someone thread. Please go open your own since your question has nothing to do with this thread.


I dont think this is possiable as the email is all part of core app_voicemail in asterisk.

Hey Jibberjabber, I too am looking to do the exact same thing, for the same reasons. I’ve done it with other parts and it is nice, but voicemail has yet to work for me.

Have you tried looking at the voicemail.conf file and possibly changing part of the voicemail construct?

; You can override the default program to send e-mail if you wish, too
;mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t