Voicemail email alert, but no message attached

Hello everyone, I have a freepbx installation, with a time check inbound on all routes to verify office hours. Out of hours, a message is played and a prompt invites to leave a message on ext. XXX, during office hour the call is forwarded to Ring Group YYY. This is the only situation where ext. XXX is referred, doesn’t appear in the directory, nor is listed in the Ring Group YYY, nor has a DID associated. All incoming calls go to the Time check. We have started receiving notification of calls in the mailbox for ext XXX, even if the attached message is always 0.0 seconds, silent, and even if the time check is forwarding calls to Ring Group YYY. I checked the logs, and at the times where the email notification claims a message has been left, I cannot see anything hitting ext XXX, so I am not exactly sure what’s going on…anyone had something similar happening?

Thanks in advance.