Voicemail disappeared after extension import

Maybe a feature…or a bug?

Today i bulk exported my extensions. I added some missing voicemail email addresses, and i set each account VM’s to attached to their emails. Imported the changes through bulk manager, all green. Then I noticed when I pressed APPLY my own phone that had a VM waiting on it, the MWI light went out. Logged into UCP, and all my voicemails that were there previously were gone completely. Call history was there though.
Checked voicemail manager, and there were 2 voicmails total showing in the system (There were 100 or so).
Thankfully snapshot on the VM i reverted…but, what the heck?

Is that a feature of bulk import that it deletes the voicemails?

Also, it showed all my voicemail users were set to UNACTIVATED


Perfect thanks! I was able to revert to a snapshot, but that could be super dangerous for an organization not prepared.

Agree. It has to go through QA though