Voicemail: Disable menu options to save to work, family or friends folders

Hi All:

I am looking for a way to disable the alternate folders FreePBX saves to so that all saved messages will be in the OLD message folder.

Is there any way to stop the system from prompting to create and use these folders?

Is there any way to stop a user from (inadvertently) accessing them?

Thanks for any pointers you can provide.


Check out the voice mail admin module.

I must be missing the option. Could you point me specifically to where the option resides? (I am running FreePBX version

That would be nice to perform. Which option is it SkykingOH?

I seem to have been mistaken, it is not in the voicemail admin. I know I have done this before. I will figure it out for you.

I have gone through most of the modules and could not come up with anything. The only way I found was to modify the c code and compile the source. I did find help for that.

I posted another reply to this thread but it’s gone. I didn’t think I offended anyone, but who knows?

Anyway, what I posted was that I was wrong. It does not delete the folder as I had expected, but only the VMs in the folder. I’ve searched and searched but the only information I have found is that there are 10 folders hard-coded that can not be removed unless you go in and adjust the code itself. Most of the folders will only show up on the options if you have put a VM into them, but they’re still there regardless, and the first ones don’t appear to be removable.

gwinton put his finger on the problem. I want to actually disable the functionality and not ask each user to log in to their voice mail and delete vm’s.

Unless you have a different version than I (version, that does not work. All that does is remove the voicemails in that folder. It does not remove the folder.

ROFL, I knew I was over-complicating this.

Log into the User User Control Panel then click on the Folders button on the lower left corner.

Next select the folder you don’t want from the drop down menu then click the Delete button.