Voicemail: Disable ability to take messages, but still play the greeting (maybe alternate)

I’ve looked around but I cannot seem to find a way to do this very generic, but very necessary option. We have people in HR that are out of the office for extended periods and need to have their VM play an alternate greeting, while not giving the caller an option to leave a message. Is this possible? Am I missing something obvious?


Instead of using voicemail, why not use an announcement.

I thought about that, but I was hoping there was a way similar to what they used to do…and something that doesn’t need to involve the IT group. Before, with their Nortel it was a matter of turning this feature on or off through their voice mail box. I wouldn’t even care if it required the IT group to tick a check box…but having to setup a new announcement and changing the DID routing every time is sort of a pain.

Any other ideas?


You could get an announcement created, give it an extension number using Misc. Application, then when they go away, they could divert their phone to the extension number of your announcement.