Voicemail direct dial prefix

Running into a situation with a deployment that for legacy reasons has got extensions setup in the 21xx block and because of it the direct dial prefix when transferring calls directly to voicemail conflict with existing *2 and *21 feature codes.

How have folks solved for this if they still want to keep these feature codes in place and changing extensions to something else that’s not conflicting isn’t really an option?

Would changing the direct dial prefix to a # be an option or would that break something else that I am not anticipating here?

I’ve never used # as a dial prefix for anything, I assume it would work unless you have ATAs that interpret a # as the end of a dial string. Usually I use **, either for the direct dial vm or for the existing *2 codes, which I know will not conflict with anything.

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I’ll be giving ** a try but I do currently see that ** is either In-Call Asterisk Disconnect Code or the Direct Call Pickup code. Will that in any case get misinterpreted during a call transfer?