Voicemail default limits

A feature request was made ( http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-8138 ) requesting default limits for max message length and max silence.

Currently this can be set to the users preference by simply going to Settings > Voicemail Admin

I can see a valid desire to default these but would really like to hear any pros, cons. Any feedback on what a reasonable limit would be 1m, 3m, 5m as suggested?

Please keep commentary here as to not pollute the ticket.

Setting up email is part of installing a new system. I think whomever is building the system should put in the values he see fit for his installation. I vote leaving it like it is without defaults.

Comedian Mail already has defaults set:-


They are useful for most folks but everyone has their own requirements, perhaps maxsecs could be reasonably limited to perhaps 15 minutes to forestall “Toll-Free revenue pumping”, but to cover badly setup Dahdi FXO/FXS’s then perhaps a more useful setting would be a global timeout(absolute) , as all such “expensive” calls would not necessarily end up in voicemail.

I feel like 10 minutes would be a reasonable default for maxsecs. No reason to have a default for minsecs. I would rather have a complaint about a call cut off (who is really going to listen to a 10 minute message anyway) than see a bill or have a trunk open for hours.

I personally have set ours to 5 minutes after I ended up recording a multi-hour town-hall (political add) that someone called up and connected us into.

@brk I have taken the “what sane person would _________” attitude in the past and discovered there may be a significant base of not-sane users who do just that. It is less of a concern if it’s that one guy he may adapt. You will find that someone posted a cool howto on a blog somewhere and hundreds of doctors are dictating to a voicemail box ( I can actually see this being a thing ). Now you are affecting many users and things get more complex.

@jfinstrom I hear you. I have many years of experience in software development. Appreciate that your posting here for input and am good with whatever direction is decided.

I would note in the dictation case the issue would be noted pretty quickly… where as a line held open for hours may not even be noticed. Then again, if the open line isn’t noticed, is it really a bad thing? :wink: