Voicemail configuration not saving/updating

Whenever I try to change voicemail settings for any extension, I can submit and apply changes without any errors, however, the changes are in fact, not saved. Example: updating an email address or changing the email attachment setting to Yes, simply does not save it.

Side note: I did add these extensions with the bulk handler module, and I think it might be causing some issues.

When I add a new extension one at a time through the GUI, the voicemail setting save properly and can be updated as normal.

Something that’s been suggested a few times is to go to “Extensions”, open the extension in question, and save it. I don’t think you need to make any changes, just save it.

After that, try your update and see if it helps.

It if does, be sure to let us know so that we can nag @jfinstrom after you submit a ticket. (Hi James :slight_smile:)

So the problem were the names that were imported during the bulk import process. The name values had commas in them (last name, first name) The names imported without error, but the commas were screwing things up as I mentioned. Removing the comma from the extension name resolved the problem, and I was able to save normally. Lesson learned - Do not use commas in the extension name.

Glad you got it solved.

According to the rules of Comma Separated Values files, commas in a CSV file must be escaped or enclosed in quotation marks.

If the CSV file was something you created by hand, then the problem was bad data.

If the CSV file was created as a dump from FreePBX or in a spreadsheet, the commas should have been OK, assuming you chose CSV as the final output file format.

If your original data had quotes around the fields and they were mis-interpreted by the module, then you need to start a ticket and let the team know that there was a problem.