Voicemail boxes + queues

Currently we use ring groups to send IVR calls to an appropriate sequence of endpoints (sales calls start with the reps most trained on that skill, etc). If nobody picks up after one round, then the call goes to a voicemail box.

We’re experience drastically increased call volume lately (which is great!), and more calls are going to voicemail just because we’re busy on other lines. I’d like to switch to queues so that callers can wait for a rep, instead of going to voicemail. Our callers seldom leave voicemails, so those are lost leads in most situations.

However, there may be times when all staff are busy on calls or with other work for an hour or more. In these cases, I’d like our customers to be sent to the voicemail, or notified that wait times will be high.

Is an IVR breakout menu what I’m looking for? To give the caller the option to leave a message instead? Is there any other way to send them to a voicemail after a specific time on hold?

Thanks for suggestions.

  1. use a breakout menu to periodically give the user an option of continuing to hold or going to voice mail
  2. set the max time on the queue and then set the destination to be voicemail

all standard stuff

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Got it, thank you Bob!