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Voicemail attachements not being attached

(Marc Pelchat) #1

Small but anoying issue with my voicemail. I am no longer getting voicemail wav files delivered with the notifications. It used to work and no longer does. My users just told me this, but it’s been going on for some time.

I am on Asterisk 13.13.1 with the FreePBX 13, (VM Module is

The Send Attachment option is set to YES in extension/voicemail.
Email address is OK, as AM getting an email.
CLI testing with MUTT sends a file attachement (don’t know how with Mailx)

I’ve looked in the maillog and find no indication of an issue. It appears as though FREEPBX in on of the updates no longer checks if it should attach a voicemail recording.

Turns out I also have another location with this issue.

(Marc Pelchat) #2

Problem solved.

It turns out that the Voicemail message text (Body) had a . (period) on a line by itself - a typo. Therfore confusing the mail agent into ending the message and sending.

Obvious now, but only after I saw it.

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

This sounds like a bug (or a feature request), something small like that should not prevent attachments. If it is reproducible, please file a ticket with steps to reproduce:

(Dave Burgess) #4

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sendmail. You’re too young to remember when we were too stupid to realize our design decisions would live forever. I was there when “Why would we ever need a four-digit year?” was a perfectly valid question.

It’s amazing humanity survived some of our mistakes.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

I’m also too old to remember most things. Memory is the second thing to go.

(Marc Pelchat) #6

It is reproducable which is what I did to make sure I had found the issue. I’ll open a ticket when I have a few moments.

And I’m not too younf to remember those types of things. I wrote a few programs using two byte years, but since it was for me, no big issue. Also no too young to remebers when 2mhz CPU was a fast computer.

(Marbled) #7


My guess is Marc knows this (what he said suggests he does) but to those who don’t know this is how SMTP signifies that the message should be sent.

A normal SMTP session looks something like this (I removed the replies from the mail server, this is only what the mail client sends).

HELO hostname.tld
Subject: This line is the first line of the message body/header.

This is a test line.

The next line will only contain a period followed by a CR  to indicate the end and that the message should be sent.

Whatever library is used to send those emails is not properly escaping (I guess even adding a space would work) the stray period that was in Marc’s emails…

Have a nice day!


(Marc Pelchat) #8

Ticket has been created.

(Mac ) #9

I am having this same problem but I don’t see a lone period in the email body. Its the defaut message with a changed last line but no lone period.
Anything else cause this?