Voicemail as Order Taker

We are running a fundraiser for our school and would like to set up an IVR that allows a donor/customer to record an order.

It needs to walk them through the process (“Please speak your name” “What is your address” “What items and how many do you want”) and combine the responses into one voicemail that our volunteer order takers will deal with.

Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you!


Something like this would require a script in Asterisk extension language.

It is a simple text language and very easy for someone with familiarity with any computer language to pickup.

Look for a O’Reily book called “Asterisk, The Definitive Guide”

Thank you so much for the tip.

While I was hoping to stay within the FreePBX interface, it looks like I will need to into Asterisk itself.

Oh well…