Voicemail and extension behavior question



  1. is there a way to enable\disable a voicemail by a phone shortcut of some sort? starlet something or any other?
  2. if i have a situation where a caller calls to the leading number, and then the call is going to a ring group. one of the extensions is picking up the call. and now he wants to transfer the call to another extension. now, let’s say that this destination extension is not available. can i set that the call will revert back to the extension that transferred the call to begin with?

Not right now, but you should be able to put something together in a custom context that does this through ASTDB manipulation.

Procedurally, you can use attended transfer so that when the call goes to VM, you just snap it back.

From a system level, I don’t remember if there’s a way to do that or not. I know we talked about it as a feature a couple of years ago, but I don’t recall if we ever got traction on that.

thank you, i’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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