Voicemail Admin: accidentally deleted all messages and greetings

One of our admins (it wasn’t me-really!) was cleaning up an old extension and thought he was deleting the extension’s messages, greetings, etc. Unfortunately, he ended up deleting all messages, recorded names, greeting, etc for all mailboxes.

We do full daily backups but it’s not clear to me what I need to restore to get the messages and settings back. Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to mention–running FreePBX

All of this data is stored in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail assuming no configuration was deleted. So restoring that path should get you back to where you were as of your most recent backup.

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Thanks. Do you know if this will this also restore the various greetings (Recorded Names, Unavailable Greetings, Busy Greetings, Temporary Greetings, etc.)?

EDIT: Looking at the var folder in my backup and I don’t see a /spool/asterisk/voicemail/ folder. Only:

/var/lib and /var/www

My restore settings show the following sections were backed up:

  • CDR’s
  • Config Backup
  • Exclude Backup Settings
  • Full Backup
  • System Audio
  • Voice Mail

Yep, they’re contained within each extensions’ voicemail directory.

Crap. The voicemail template was never added to our backup so it looks like I’m SOL.

Make sure your backup module is up to date. There was a broken one some time ago that would fail to add everything you dragged into the items list upon save:


It was fixed in the following versions:

backup v13.0.27.16
backup v14.0.3.16

I’m running FreePBX Backup &Restore module version is 12.0.19 so I don’t think the bug is relevant in my case. This seems like user error on my part when I created the backup job. Of course we’ve never done a test restore so just adds to the train wreck of stupidity.

Is there any way to undelete? Or any chance the deleted voicemails are sitting in another folder waiting to be purged?

Unless you did some kind of deep backup after you installed the voicemail recordings, I doubt it. you can search “find / -name INBOX” from the terminal window and see if you have any voicemail inboxes left.

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How did you check what was backed up?

It says here that it WAS backed up…

A handy tool I use to check a backup file on Windows is 7zip

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I’m currently off-site without remote access–will check in the AM. Thanks

From the FreePBX restore section, selected the backup, clicked GO, expanded the /var folder. Only 2 sub-folders in var; lib and www.

I also downloaded the backup and opened the tgz file with 7Zip–same thing; no voicemail folder.

Ouch. I guess your next option is a recovery tool.

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