Voicemail access broken since system updated

So after probably a bit too long, I decided it was time to get our phone server current with updates.
While it appeared to go without major glitches, the updates appear to have introduced an issue with
the voicemail system.

Access to voicemail via the ‘msgs’ button on Digium phones no longer functions, usually returning the message:
“got a bad status back:500(10000)”

And attempting to access the voicemail box by dialing into it (either *97 or *98) goes into the “Welcome to
comedian mail” new mailbox setup routine. And this repeats every time you attempt to access a mailbox
even if you go through the setup process (yet) again.

Also, voicemail boxes are no longer accessible through the User Control Panel?!?

Any insights? Have a number of irked off users on the system at the moment.

Update specifics:
Distribution: AsteriskNOW
PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-11
PBX Service Pack:
FreePBX 13.0.115

Voicemail: 13.0.43 (Settings Module)

Their voicemail passwords can not he the same as their extensions. Change them or change the setting in voicemail admin.

OK, I can see that from a basic security standpoint but at what point did that change and was the change published anywhere obvious?

Kinda seems like something that would be nice to know before you get blindsided during an update.

Thanks for the quick response in any case.

It has been this way for a long time. You can adjust this behavior with the forcegreetings and forcename parameters in Voicemail admin.

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