Voicemail |some users are Unactivated

When i enable voicemail for some users, the voicemail status in the Voicemail Admin module for some users is Unactivated, others work properly though i have the same settings on both extension.

Why are some user’s voicemail marked as Unactivated??? how can i activate them?

They get activated when they first receive a voicemail.

So no need to do anything. Try leaving one a voicemail and see if it’s working correctly.

Have a look in your /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf and make sure there are no empty contexts there
( like this [] )
I think there was a bug a while ago that left these behind so you’ll need to delete them if they are there.

May or may not be the problem =)

When i try to leave a message, it says, “i’m sorry an error has occurred” and it hangs up.
Any clues?