Voice VLAN not working right

I just installed Netgear M4100 POE switches. It looks like the configuration is correct (per the docs). I have the default data VLAN (1) and my Voice VLAN of 100. The issue is that my phones are hanging up when they try to get an address from my DHCP server. I’m not sure what’s going on. I have set up the sub interface on my router and the DHCP pool on my dhcp server. Any thoughts or suggestions? If this isn’t the right place to ask…tell me and I’ll see where else I can look.

I would make sure that your DHCP server is in VLAN 100 and is handing out the proper address range. My guess is that the phones cannot contact the DHCP server because it is only seen in the default VLAN.

I may have gotten this figured out. One of the switches (the one my server is plugged into) has the ports set to the wrong type. Because of this…the ports aren’t tagged for VLAN 100 (my voice VLAN). I’ll get them switched and update for anyone looking for solutions in the future.

Ok…so I finally got this working. The Netgear Prosafe switches I purchased for this has a built in DHCP server. So I set up the pool there for my voice subnet. After adding the correct routing info to the address table and being sure all poets were tagged with the voice vlan…BAM!..phones get an IP address. Now all I need to do is set a static route from gateway to switches and all should work great (in theory anyway)

Thanks to all that contributed to this. It really did point me in the right direction.

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