Voice Shout through FreePBX?

I just got an installed FreePBX system dropped in my lap - no instructions or help - and no background in PBX (I’m a php/mySql developer). I’ve been tasked with interfacing (in PHP) to the system to send voice messages to clients. Won’t be using it for incoming, mailboxes or anything else - just plain old outgoing “voice shout” (at least that’s what the manager calls it). WE are using VoiceShot now (at a HUGE cost) which is why the PTB (Powers that be) are jumping to this.
Any help, answers, scripts, APIs - whatever?
Sure appreciate anything

Depends on your needs and skills nothing “built in” but easy to add

Ward has TeleYapper

You also have GabCast which you can tie into the PBX system and do some really
KEWL stuff with and the cost is from FREE to CHEAP.