Voice Recording Help

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to make a voice recording and upload it to freepbx for holiday mode, but I don’t have any idea(as I am new to freepbx or telephony system) which person voice is best for digital receptionist voice, can someone please advice me, I can purchase that one if required, please advice a standard voice only.


wav 8khz mono

Please go to the wiki and read the documentation. Systems recording module.

Yes I did read it, but may I know that to activate any new mode we must go through inbound route or is there any other way to do this.


Oh sorry, I posted the wrong question here, actually I am trying to create a new mode for holidays, and want to know how do we create a new mode alike, what I have done so far is:

  1. Created on Sound Recording, uploaded it to FreePBX.
  2. Created on Virtual Extension that serves as Mailbox only.
  3. Created an IVR with the uploaded recording and destination as Mailbox.
  4. Created one CFC with the “override mode” pointing to that IVR.

but here I don’t know, how to activate this CFC with the feature code *289, its not activating.

Am I missing anything to finish this task?
Need to learn something else to finish this, if yes, then mention what to learn more for this to accomplish.

And one more about previous post, when I am trying to make a recording on my pc using MS-Sam (Speech option from control panel), the voice quality is not that much good as Freepbx default voice is.Do you suggest any good software or service to consider for this.