Voice Quality Issues on Polycom IP550 and FreePBX 2.9

Hi, I have (2) Polycom IP550 sets and (14) IP330 sets on FreePbx 2.9 with Asterisk 1.4. I have no issues with call quality on my 330 phones but I do have issues with the IP550 sets. The user has issues hearing the caller, the caller breaks up and the user misses words from the caller. The caller can hear the user fine so it appears the issue is just one-way. We have conducted tests and did determine that it is the IP550 phone sets. All the phones have SIP firware 3.3.2 with bootrom 4.1.2. We need to keep the IP550 sets because we need more than 2 lines for their function. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’d suggest you post some more details before anyone will be able to help, like what codecs you’re using. The 550 supports a lot more codecs than the 330. Also, bootrom is up to 4.3.1 now, 4.1.2 is a few years old.