Voice Prompts and Outbound Class of service and End Point Provisioning

Hi all

We are looking at completing an Asterisk deployment, based on FreePBX for a site with a couple of hundred users in New Zealand.

There are a couple of issues that we have at the moment, firstly the default prompts with Asterik sound very american… easy fix to to have them recorded again by a New Zealand voice talent… do anyone know if the core-sounds-en.txt & extra-sounds-en.txt contain all the voice prompts that are used by Asterisk, and the additional freePBX modules?

Secondly, is there an easy way to provide a different class of service to different phones? We require the following:

  • Internal Extensions, Free Calling and Emergency Numbers Only
  • Above + Local Numbers
  • Above + National Numbers
  • Above + International

And lastly, is there any good provisioning software out there? Looking for something that can set up the phone, and enable the administion to assign functions of the buttons from the provisioning software.


Hi David,

A recent Blog post here -> http://www.freepbx.org/news/2009-03-19/restricting-outbound-calls-in-freepbx-whitelist might help with your Class of Service question. If you setup different contexts with specific prefix restrictions, you can just define extensions as being in whatever ‘Class of Service’ context you choose.

BTW, you aren’t Interested in making your recorded voice prompts available to the Internet community are you? The current NZVoice ones are now incomplete and could do with an update?