Voice mail to text?

Hello i was curious if freepbx voicemail to text. I saw some places online saying there there was a voice mail to text email. But i was curious if that is still available, Or if there was a voicemail to text of somekind?


Saw these before:

Hello thank you i will check it out.

I use the google transcription script which is a fork of the above script. Also available on github. Google cloud gives you $300 in free credit. The downside is it requires a higher python version thats only available on freepbx 14 and newer distros. The upside is I think it does a better job than IBM does. Plus $300 in free credits and first hour per month is also free.

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Google Cloud services (install gcloud SDK) for a native client, add a working profile ‘init’'ed for asterisk, then for any voicemail less than 60 seconds , then from the Asterisk SHELL command :-

gcloud ml speech recognize /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/XXXX/INBOX/msg0000.wav --language-code='en-US'|sed -n -e '/transcript/p'|sed 's/^.*: //'

( python -V
Python 2.7.13)

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Can you share the GitHub link please?

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