Voice mail to email message template

Is there a way to change the default voice mail to email message template built in field VM_DATE?
It defaults to English, I 'ld like to have it translated.

In another post on this forum, it’s revealed what the message syntax is:
${VM_NAME},\n\nThere is a new voicemail in mailbox ${VM_MAILBOX}:\n\n\tFrom:\t${VM_CALLERID}\n\tLength:\t${VM_DUR} seconds\n\tDate:\t${VM_DATE}

So , I’ld like to have VM_DATE at the end translated.
Other fields are not language dependent.

You need to modify your system, reference




needs to change the “locale”

appropriately, an example might be

locale = de_DE.utf8

if you are German.

(I don’t believe that variable is currently settable in the FreePBX GUI, but it should work the old fashioned way :slight_smile: )

Thanks !
Great table with lot’s of options.
I changed locale in voicemail.conf.
But part of the body text is still in English.

" december 09, 2014 at 05:19:31 "

The word …at… is not translated.
at seems to be part of the \t${VM_DATE} variable …

My guess is that you missed the “emaildateformat” option.

good guess.
solved !