Voice Mail Time Stamp 5 Hours off


We have been using our system for a roughly a year almost and one thing I have been unable to figure out is voice mail time stamp. I checked the server time and it is right, however, when one of us receive a voicemail it is 5 hours ahead. Any assistance Would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

There are a couple places where the time for different things can be set. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure where voicemail grabs its time from. Have you changed the timezone in System Admin > Time Zone? Or the PHP timezone in Advanced Settings?

If you change it in System Admin, you’ll need to restart your server.

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There are two places this can be set. The system time or by adding zones in the Voicemail Admin and then setting the Voicemail options in the extension with tz=eastern (with eastern being a zone set)

Really, if the PBX is in a specific time zone and everything for the PBX should be set to that time zone then the System Time needs to be set to that time zone.

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