Voice Mail Phone Notification (WMI)

When a phone gets a voice mail there is no phone notification (blinking light - WMI) on a fresh build of Version 13 and also a fully patched system. I did a test with an older version (12) and the system works with no problem. I must have some configuration item I am missing with 13. Can anyone help out? I have test with three different manufactures of phones and they work with 12 they do not work with 13. My choice is to roll back to 12 however I would like to stay with 13. I think it is a problem with CHAP_SIP and PJSIP but I have no idea how to correct it. Can anyone help?


Work on PBX 1
Asterisk 11.14.1
Extensions are CHAN_SIP

Does not work on Machine 2
Asterisk 13.7.1
Extensions are PJSIP

I worked out on 13 that if I use CHAP_SIP and not PJSIP it will work. So I guess my question now is how do I get it to work in PJSIP or should I just stay with CHAP_SIP

There is an extra wrinkle with MWI and pjsip extensions. You need to set the extension “MWI Subscription Type” in the advanced tab of the extension. The subscription type must match the subscription type set in the phone.

I have a feeling Solicited may be broken at the moment on PJSIP. There is an improvement/fix coming in Asterisk 13.9.


No. It’s not broken by any means. The ticket you referenced makes MWI work more like chan_sip where it’s fully automated and you don’t have to select solicited or unsolicited MWI

Thanks Andrew. I can’t seem to get Solicited on PJ_SIP to work but it was working on Chan_SIP with no issues. Maybe its because I don’t know how to set it up correctly. :slight_smile:

Thanks lgaetz for the information. Tonight i Played around with the setting on a phone (T46G) and the extension and was not able to get it to work with any combination. What makes sense to me is “Subscribe for MWI” is enabled (also did " Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail") on the phone and “MWI Subscription Type” is Solicited. That however does not work.

Only thing i see in the logs is “No registered subscribe handler for event as-feature-event”

When i flip the extension to CHAP_SIP it works. Any ideas how to trouble shoot it?

I am having the same issues with Pjsip, did you figure this out? same exact phone too

I did. For all PJSIP extensions I go in and change the “MWI Subscription Type” to “Unsolicited”. Works as expected from the user side now.

are you completely update to date? I read to use solicited lol. I am using PJSIP

I have a few yum updates to run but mostly up to date. I read to use unsolicited with Yealinks. It makes my voicemails work like they did under CHAN_SIP.