Voice Mail Notify - Multiple boxes?


I have set up a false extension with a voice mail box to act as the ‘general mail box’ for the company.

I have also set up all user’s personal voice mail boxes, and they are working brilliantly.

When a voice mail message arrives to the general voice mail, I want 3 users to be notified of this.

I see that I can change (in the “mailbox” field of the user’s extension) it so that the user is ONLY notified of the general mail box (via flashing light on phone) by using: [email protected]

Once that has been set though, if the user receives their own voice mail messages, they are not notified. Is there any way to configure it so that they are notified for BOTH?

E.G. in this “mailbox” field, I have tried the following (which has not worked at all):

[email protected] [email protected]
[email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]; [email protected]

What we did wsa make a new email address called

[email protected]

then uned the email forward to forward to multiple email addresses.

it’s not what you asked but it works.


Thanks for the response Michael… at this point, I don’t even yet have the emails working within the system, so that won’t be of much help…

Temporarily, I have made the user’s own extension that of the company, and created a separate mailbox for their personal voice mail. (Under the premise that the company will receive far more voice mails than she will in the after-hours).

Therefore, I am still waiting for a response to this thread. Is there somewhere else (more appropriate) that I should be placing this query?

In the extensions section of freepbx, edit each of the three peoples extension and add to the mailbox entry.

So if you want xtns 101, 102 and 103 notifying of their own VM and VM in xtn 111, then change the mailbox extry from [email protected] to 101,111

Wonderful! How simple it is indeed. I do not have any clue why I didn’t try that!

So I am assuming that all users would have to use *98 and the general mailbox extension to check the email? I am guessing that the voice mail is not in their default mailbox.

Hello all,
I want to try to setting up multiple email accounts which will be notified when any voice mail comes with attached voicemail file.I am using freepbx as GUI.Is there any way that I can configure this?

i.e for extensions 7005 i want the voice attached file should be sent to extension 7005,7007,7008’s email addresses.How I can achieve that with freepbx gui?

ideas and suggestions are always welcome…

hello dirk,
in my freepbx GUI for extension 7005 in mailbox options it was [email protected] I changed it to 7005,7008 but it does not work… I want to notify 7005’s voice mail to 7005,7007,7008. Is there any other way that I can achieve with FREEPBX GUI?

I want to notify multiple extension’s voice mail account to be notified when any body dials extensions (i.e 7005) then it should goes to 7007 and 7008 along with 7005’s voice mail account.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome…